4 Advantages Of Restaurants Using Customer Loyalty Cards

Restaurants that accept credit cards as payments can expand the use of this technology to offer customers all types of incentives and rewards each time they visit to eat. When working with a credit card processing company, you have the ability to set up a customer loyalty card program. These programs can give customers discounts or awards based on the purchases they make at various restaurants. When using these programs at restaurants, there are four key advantages that can help your restaurant thrive and expand your customer base overall.

Gift Card Integration

Instead of having both a rewards program and gift cards, your business has the ability to offer gift cards and loyalty cards through the same system. When someone purchases a gift card, the card can be registered as a loyalty card and be repeatedly used through your business. A credit card payment system company can provide you with the cards and a way to register users for the loyalty accounts. This allows people to reload gift cards and earn loyalty visits at the same time. This encourages the use of a gift card, even if its just for general purposes. By selling gift cards, you can help track the amount of potential money that will come into your restaurant.

Return Visits

As customers sign up for loyalty programs, the program naturally encourages returning visits. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant, a person may be 10 points off from receiving a free small pizza. Adding to their current order or making another order in the near future can help the person reach their reward and have them choose your restaurant the next time they place an order. When customers have a goal to reach, they are more likely to spend and reach that goal whenever they can.

Special Menu Incentives

A loyalty card program gives you the ability to control your menu and specific specials that you offer. Credit card processing companies have the ability to see up bonus points and extra features on a loyalty card. These bonuses can help you sell appetizers or main courses on a menu. For example, if you have a special chicken wing appetizer, you can offer customers double loyalty points for ordering these chicken wings. The points can automatically be added through your restaurant's system and applied when a customer makes a purchase. Along with special menu items, the same kind of deals can apply to specific business days. For example, if Tuesday is one of your slow days, then you can offer special rewards for any orders that are placed on a Tuesday. This can help encourage customers to visit on times where they may not typically consider your restaurant.

Restaurant Promotions

When a customer signs up for a loyalty card, one of the basic forms of contact you gather is their email address. This contact information allows you to send out promotions and reach customers directly. Through emails or text messages, you have the ability to send out coupons, weekly specials, or other promotions like holiday specials. By making customers aware, they can be encouraged to not only eat at your restaurant, but enjoy extra rewards by doing so. Some credit card processing companies have the ability to load these coupons and rewards directly onto a loyalty card. For example, if a customer clicks on 25% off coupon, then the coupon can get loaded on the card and automatically apply the next time they visit the restaurant.

Using email and direct messaging is also a great way to give personalized rewards. For example, you can give someone a free treat or meal on their birthday. This makes a person feel important and will encourage repeat visits on days that are not their birthday.

Contact credit card processing companies, such as Payment Solution Pros, about ways to set up loyalty card programs and tweaking them to match the promotions you want to use for your restaurant.