5 Tips For Accessing Your Funds If You Are Retiring In Brazil

If you are retiring in Brazil, you will likely need access to both private retirement accounts and your social security benefits while you are living abroad. If you have no financial commitments left in the United States, you may decide to transfer your funds to a Brazilian account for easy access. However, if you have financial obligations in the U.S. or are receiving a good interest rate on various investments, you may want to keep the bulk of your money in the U. [Read More]

Can You Get a Second Payday Loan if You Currently Have One Already?

If you currently have a payday loan that you owe on, it might be hard for you to get a second one at this time. It really depends on the state you live in, because each state has different rules, but it may depend on other factors too. Your best bet is to repay your loan before applying for another one; however, there might be a chance you could still get one. [Read More]

Starting Your First Small Business? What Should You Know?

If you've recently made the decision to leave the 9-to-5 grind and start your own business, you may be wondering where to begin. Even if you have a foolproof idea and some startup capital, there are a number of logistical and financial arrangements you'll need to have in place before you open. Read on to learn more about selecting a corporate structure and getting the necessary paperwork in place to begin conducting business, as well as some services you may need to keep your business chugging along successfully for years. [Read More]