Five Security Mistakes To Avoid When You Rent An ATM For A Special Event

An ATM rental for a special event can be advantageous for a variety of reasons. It can increase attendee satisfaction and vendor profits. 

However, it's important to consider the fact that ATMs typically contain large amounts of cash and can attract thieves. As such, you'll want to avoid the following five security mistakes to avoid loosing money or compromising security because of the presence of a rented ATM:

Not having someone present who can attend to customer issues regarding the ATM

Sometimes, ATM users have trouble figuring out how to navigate the ATM system to do what they want with their account.

It's always a good idea to have someone familiar with an ATM's operation standing by to answer any customer questions and address any maintenance or malfunction issues. This way, customers will have immediate answers to their questions and won't become concerned for the security of their accounts. 

Locating the ATM in a dark or unprotected place

ATMs will be easier to burglarize when they are not located in a brightly lit place that is protected by security features like surveillance cameras. 

It's important to put ATMs in a place where there is a lot of traffic passing by. An ATM located in a dark and empty place is both at risk of burglary and also dangerous for ATM customers. 

Being unfamiliar with PIN validation methods of your ATM

Generally speaking, an online PIN validation system is more efficient than an offline PIN validation system when it comes to ATM transactions.

Online PIN validation makes it so that PIN data is always updated and identical to that which is held by the financial institution issuing the ATM card. 

Neglecting to be aware of insurance on a special event ATM rental

An ATM needs to be insured because it contains a lot of cash and is therefore a liability to a facility or to whoever is offering it to customers.

If you're renting an ATM for a special event, you need to discuss the insurance issue with the company you rent from and make sure insurance is adequate to protect you from any potential liabilities. 

Neglecting to keep the ATM area under supervision to prevent hacking

There should be event staff members circulating near an ATM to make sure that nothing unauthorized is happening at the ATM and no suspicious behavior is seen in those who are using it.

Position a rented special event ATM in an area where there are not only many event attendees, but also event organizers who are aware of the ATM's presence. Contact a company, like Maritech ATM Solutions, for more help.